Why do I Still Want My Cheating Boyfriend Back?

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"I should be over him by now so why do I still want my cheating boyfriend back?" Is this the question running around in your mind over and over again? It's not all that uncommon among women who have been cheated on. In fact, it is actually quite common. The heart and the mind do not always agree on exactly what the best course of action in a given situation is.

You may know in your mind that walking away is the best solution after your boyfriend cheats. At the same time, convincing your heart to just pack up and go is another matter altogether. It also happens to be one that is infinitely more complicated at the end of the day.

But, there is no reason you shouldn't want your boyfriend back after you dumped him for cheating. You see, you didn't flip a switch and suddenly stop loving him. His one bad deed doesn't erase all the good and wonderful things you see in him. He didn't stop hanging the moon and stars at night because he did one thing that hurts you – no matter how terribly that one thing happened to hurt.

So, what are the reasons you might still want to get your cheating ex boyfriend back?

1) Because you know you love him and are pretty certain that he's crazy about you even though he cheated. Cheating is rarely about love. More often than not it's about meeting needs.

2) You understand that cheating rarely has a cut and dried reason behind it and love a mystery. Cheating is usually a symptom of an underlying problem. Solve that problem so cheating will never be an issue for the two of you again.

3) You've tried going it alone and realize that a life without him in it isn't the life you want to lead. You aren't ready to head for the hills or anything like that but you do know that you enjoy life better when he's in it and that isn't going to happen if you continue to push him away.

4) You know that you may have played some small part in his decision to cheat this time around and would like the opportunity to prove yourself. Cheating is rarely something people in loving relationships set out to do. It is unlikely that your boyfriend just woke up one day and decided to find a new way to hurt you by cheating.

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Now that you've decided to get your ex back after cheating all you need is a great plan to make it happen.


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Why do I Still Want My Cheating Boyfriend Back?

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This article was published on 2010/10/07
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