Some Telltale Signs Of A Cheating Wife

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The signs of a cheating wife are many and you should be aware of them. One thing to note is that all the signs will differ depending on the woman. Even if this is the case you will find some common signs that you can look out for. Remember that the signs are not clear evidence of cheating.

A sudden and unexplained change in routine is one of the signs of a cheating wife. Many women have certain days when they do certain things. If this changes she may be hiding something. Additionally she may be changing her schedule in order to meet her lover at a certain time.

Something else to take note of is if your wife is suddenly very secretive. When a woman has to hide one aspect of her life she may simply hide everything. When she is secretive if you try and look in her bag she may become very angry even if there is nothing of note in there. Questions that are about the most innocent topic may make her very defensive or angry.

Another sign to look out for is if your wife suddenly spends more time shopping. This is particularly important if she goes shopping for hours but only comes back with one bag from one store. As men usually do not like shopping cheating women will use it as an excuse to make time to meet the other man. It should be noted that the use of this excuse by cheating wives is very common.

Another good sign would be the protectiveness of her cell phone. This would go beyond the normal protectiveness to the point where she will take the phone everywhere. She may go to bed with the phone or take it to the bathroom with her.

There are many signs of a cheat wife that should be looked for. You should keep in mind that your wife may have an innocent reason for all of this.

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Some Telltale Signs Of A Cheating Wife

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This article was published on 2010/11/07
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