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Most people often turn a blind eye to the signs of cheating spouse. Though their mind keeps telling them that there is something going wrong in their relationship, the heart does not want to accept the truth. After all, who would want to believe that the person to who they entrusted their lives to will end up breaking their heart!!! But yes, there are times when things go wrong and eventually you have to accept the truth. In this article, we list out a few signs that cheating spouses display.

Your husband/wife will shower you with unending love that they would have never done before. They do this in an effort to subdue the feelings of guilt that are haunting them from within for cheating on you.

With the passage of time, their behavior changes from good to bad. They start trying to find faults with you in everything you do. Nothing you do to please them can ever be enough. This is because they want to give you subtle signs of a fast approaching break up. They are trying to soften the blow for you by helping you be prepared for the final assault.

The cheating spouse also begins to neglect and ignore the needs of their children. Children, who initially filled their lives with joy and bliss suddenly, become a burden. They no more are interested in spending quality time with them. You will not see them joining you for PTA meetings in school.

Sex life will take a big blow too. Your spouse will make excuses to avoid having sex with you. And even, when they engage in this activity, you can notice the change in their body movements. They display a passive and disinterested attitude.

Overtime at office becomes the norm of every day. Their work load at office suddenly seems to increase keeping them away from home for long periods of time.

They begin buying new beauty products and paying better attention to their appearance too often. Looking good takes precedence over all other activities.

These signs of a cheating spouse will help you accept the fact that your spouse is indeed cheating on you and it is time for you and your spouse to have a one-on-one conversation in order to decide the further course of action.

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Signs of Cheating Spouse - The Signals

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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