Is Your Spouse Cheating and Unreliable?

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In the event that your spouse's behavior is greatly altered, you may come to the conclusion that he or she is cheating. The vast majority of people react in this way, as if there were some form of innate ability to detect it.

Do you sometimes think that it is not what it used to be? Not surprisingly, these instincts are often correct. The following are three particular ways to determine whether or not your spouse is cheating. If they match up with your initial instincts, your spouse is likely cheating.

Perhaps the earliest, and most sure, sign of spousal infidelity is the clearing of internet histories, especially if they did no such thing previously. Chances are, your spouse would only hide what he does online if there is something worth hiding. If they truly have something to hide, then you would probably like to know what that is.

Certain internet-based programs allow you to look at internet history, regardless of whether or not your spouse tried to erase it. Using that aforementioned software, you can learn exactly what they do online.

Another way to determine whether or not they are cheating is by the mileage on their car. Chances are, you have a reasonable understanding of how far your partner travels daily. If your spouse appears to be driving more miles per day than required, perhaps they are stopping at a different location.

Maybe they spend time with a secret lover during their lunch break. If you truly want to be a good detective, follow your husband during breaks at work. Perhaps they've simply just found a new place to go for lunch, but at least now you know that there is no foul play.

The final, and perhaps most effective, method to determine whether or not your spouse is cheating is through their body language. If they are cheating, there is a chance that they will have difficulties looking into your eyes.

Also, if your spouse is cheating, they might not pay attention when you talk. If they don't seem to care what you are saying, they may well be interested in somebody else.

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Is Your Spouse Cheating and Unreliable?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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