How to Tell a Spouse is Cheating

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One of the most difficult things in a relationship is to realize the fact that your spouse has been cheating. Being your trusted lover and friend it can be quite traumatizing and painful to have to deal with. Most often many people do not want to accept this fact and tend to rationalize any signs of cheating that the may see. Therefore, to tell if your spouse is cheating you have to first of all accept this reality.

After you accept that they are cheating, look for signs of this in their behavior and normal routine. Such as, they come home late with the excuse that they were working. Sudden emergencies that were not there requiring them in the work place more often. Do they now make spontaneous plans without informing you about it?

Has there been a change in their appearance such as purchasing of new clothes. A cheating spouse will tend to improve their personal grooming and spend more time looking at themselves in the mirror. This is because people who are cheating are normally concerned about their appearance.

Try to smell if there is any strange perfume in their clothes or car. Look for fallen hair strands. Has there been a change in the way you normally do your activities such as a decrease in the time you spend together? Is there less conversation and long quietness between you two?

Do they avoid physical contact such as hugging and kissing and yet have relations with you? A cheating spouse is normally under internal conflict and they are confused, normally they will pick up a quarrel or fight with you at the slightest chance they get this is away of rationalizing their cheating and feel less guilty.

Look for the call history in their cell phone. Look for numbers that call them occasionally, if the history has been deleted then there is a cause for suspicion. Listen to funny or weird conversations that they may have, such that when you answer calls the person on the other end hangs up. Look for tickets and receipts in their pockets.

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How to Tell a Spouse is Cheating

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This article was published on 2010/03/28
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