Cheating Spouse Signs - Simple Cheating Spouse Signs To Look Out For In Your Partner

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In modern society the concept of cheating spouses is all too common, however, with a little knowledge, some luck and the use of technology, any cheating can easily be found out. The first and most obvious sign of cheating from a spouse is a change in behavior. If your partner suddenly starts showering everyday instead of the once weekly ritual you are used to then that should set of a few alarm bells in your relationships. Coupled with changes in hygiene routine, the appearance of new clothes, can normally signify a new amorous interest in your partner. While these two signs alone are hardly damning evidence, they should mark the beginning of the watch period in your relationship.

Apart from the obvious signs of new clothes and a cleaner partner, modern technology can play a part in indicating a spouse is either cheating or considering cheating. The cellphone, is a prime example, calls answered at strange times and followed by a quick exit to a private area to talk, can be significant. If your spouse is not working on some essential project and he or she is receiving calls at out of office hours and disappearing into a quiet corner then be afraid. If this behavior is coupled with new clothes and a cleaner partner then begin the serious search for cheating.

Smartphones too can provide evidence that a partner is not fully committed to the relationship. Emails received and quickly deleted, or messages that are read behind behind a turned back generally indicates your spouse is trying to hide something, and in many cases this could be the cheating that they are covering up. Another warning signal is the key code on the smartphone, if your spouse has been fully open and has given you the PIN code for their cell and that code suddenly changes then again they are concealing something in their technology that might just be the name or number of a significant other.

Apart from technological behavior, changes to bedroom behavior are a sure sign of cheating. If she/he suddenly losses interest in you sexually, and there isn't a medical reason then begin looking for the other signs mentioned earlier. Indeed, if they suddenly become too interested then begin the observation too. All too often cheaters compensate by being better lovers, hoping the change leaves their spouse satisfied and not suspicious

A word of caution, when searching for these telltale signs, they may not be evidence of cheating, it could just be that your partner is planning something you should not be involved in. That in itself is not necessarily a cause for worry, if you have a significant birthday/anniversary or family event coming up in the next twelve months, it might just be that your spouse is planning the surprise party. If that is the case then most of the telltale signs above have a plausible explanation.

All of these telltale signs are common when a spouse starts cheating, individually they may not amount to credible evidence there is something to worry about, but combined they create a fairly substantial body of circumstantial evidence you are in a relationship with a cheating spouse.

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Cheating Spouse Signs - Simple Cheating Spouse Signs To Look Out For In Your Partner

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Cheating Spouse Signs - Simple Cheating Spouse Signs To Look Out For In Your Partner

This article was published on 2011/01/18
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