Cheating Spouse - 5 Telling Signs to Warn You of a Cheating Husband

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It seems not uncommon to hear someone gossiping about another person's cheating spouse nowadays. I hate to acknowledge the fact but cheating spouse seems to be the trend. If you totally trust your husband and feels that he will never cheat on you, this article is not for you. But if you have this female instinct that your husband is having an affair behind your back, then read on to find the 5 telling signs to warn you of a cheating husband.

1. Change in Schedule

Uncommon change of schedule can be a sign. Unusual change in your hubby's schedule can be suspicious. Let say your hubby seldom works overtime or goes out on his own and all of a sudden, he is beginning to do so, you will need to more observance from now. Besides overtime, frequent unexpected business trips can also be a sign to take note.

No doubt your husband should have his own circle of friends and private times, but if he is starting to spend more time with his friends than with the family, it is worth examine further.

2. Big Changes in Appearance

Another sign to warn you of a cheating husband is his drastic change in appearance. Has your hubby recently changed the way he appears to others? For instance, a different hairstyle, a different style of clothing and a different preference in the cologne used must be taken into consideration. Is your husband appear to spend more time in front of the mirror to ensure he looks his best before heading to work or out with friends? If yes, there is a good chance of cheating.

3. Using phone secretively

Does your hubby still using his mobile phone openly in front of you? If he is walking away when answering certain phone calls, stop talking on the phone when you appear or even hang up when you walk nearer, you should start to feel suspicious.

4. A change in Attitude Towards the family

Changing attitude here means losing interest in his family. Is your hubby spending less time with you and the children recently? If he seems to be bored by what he and his family used to do, then he has definitely lost interest in his family. So if your husband prefers to spend more time with others than the family now, chances are he is cheating on you.

5. A Sense of Guilt

When your hubby is cheating on you, he is most likely to be feeling very guilty if he is still human. Cheating husband betrays your trust and so he may be feeling sorry of what has happened. On one hand, he is unwilling to end the affair, one the other hand, he is afraid that you may find out the affairs and end up with a divorce. And so to deal with his guilt, he would suddenly shower you with a lot of affections, gifts and attentions.

On the other extreme, to cover his guilt, he may suddenly find a lot of reasons to be angry with you. If you find that he is losing patience, and started to pin the blame on you when things go wrong, he is trying to give you a hint that you are not a good wife after all and hence, he will not feel so guilty.

The above 5 telling signs to warn you of a cheating husband reinforce your instinct. But do not jump on the gun. There are many other signs which are more difficult to catch. So if you have the above signs confirmed; it would be best to hire professional to the rest of the signs catching for you.

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Cheating Spouse - 5 Telling Signs to Warn You of a Cheating Husband

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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