5 Signs That Your Husband is Cheating

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There is more to a woman's intuition when it comes to knowing if your man is cheating on you. A person hiding something will always have changes in his actions, changes in behavior and changes in his physical appearance or the way he moves around the house. He will always leave some traces, some he may be unmindful of, that will eventually trap him in the end.

Knowing some signs that your husband is cheating is not being so paranoid. Of course, it is devastating to find out in the end if your spouse is indeed having an affair, but what hurts more if you have been blind about the affair for quite a long time. Knowing it as early as possible will let you plan what to do especially if you have kids to consider and of course, to avoid possible transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

So if you are feeling that there is something wrong but you do not know what, try checking these signs if your husband is indeed cheating. There are obvious signs of course, but you do not have to see lipstick marks on his shirt to know he is cheating. Here are some signs that your husband is cheating on you.

1. Changes in Behavior

Most often, women can sense something is wrong because there is always a change in behavior of the cheating spouse. He suddenly turns cold towards you, develops a bad temper over some little things and finds fault in everything you do. He lacks interest in the relationship and acts as if there is something he is very busy about. A times though, you may find some very opposite behavior that he will show. He would probably be super nice to you because he will feel guilty about his cheating, and this sometimes made some women think he isn't cheating because he is treating you nicely at times.

2. Physical 'Un-Intimacy'

When the husband is cheating, there are always signs that will show especially if it involves physical intimacy. If you wake up late at night and unusually find him sleeping on the couch, or he avoids conversations with you before going to sleep, or he stops cuddling you the way he used to, these could be signs that your husband is cheating. And if he did want to have sex, you might be surprised of his unusual lovemaking suggestions.

3. Phone Clues

He will not allow you to touch his phone, or you will find an empty inbox or deleted call log. If he receives a call, he will go somewhere else to receive it or he would suddenly hang up when you are around. If you are the one calling, you would often find his mobile phone turned off.

4. Changes in Work Hours

He would suddenly become a workaholic. His normal working hours would suddenly change to overtimes (with no pay) and most often, he will suddenly spend more time with his friends.

5. Changes in Appearance

He may suddenly spend more time checking his appearance on the mirror when he goes out, or he may have a change in his style of clothing or he suddenly wears perfume. If this sudden change in appearance is accompanied by other signs previously stated, it might be one of the signs that your husband is cheating.

Although the occurrence of one of these signs can mean something else, seeing all these signs would mean greater possibility of having an infidel husband.

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5 Signs That Your Husband is Cheating

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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