3 Reasons That Wives Cheat

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Discover the 3 reasons that wives cheat so that you can identify the signs to look out for to determine whether your wife is cheating or not. Although when cheating in a marriage is suspected, it is usually the husband who is suspected of having an extramarital affair, however, wives are just as capable of cheating on their husbands.

Both men and women cheat on their spouses for a variety of reasons that are hard to gauge. This means that finding the exact reason for cheating is difficult to determine. There are however many common reasons for engaging in an affair outside of a marriage and while one reason may work in one case, it may not work in another case. This means that in order to determine if a wife is cheating, a husband that is being cheated on needs to review more than one reason.

The 3 Reasons for Cheating

1. To end a relationship

A wife may start to lose interest in her husband and not know how to broach the subject with her husband and deal with the hurt feelings, anger, violence etc. Cheating may be a way to convey that she is ready to move on. As a husband you will have to determine whether you feel a distance from your wife. Do you feel that she has no respect for you and your opinions? If so, this could be a sign of cheating and that she may be ready to move on to someone else that she can respect and feel close to.

2. Dissatisfaction

Women are emotional creatures. If this need is not being met, they may start to look elsewhere for someone to satisfy their emotional needs. This may sometimes lead to not necessarily a sexual extramarital affair but may lead to an emotional affair which may even be worse than a sexual affair.

3. To feel young and wanted again

Aging for a lot of women is terrifying. Especially when magazines, movies, job promotions, etc celebrate youth and punishes women more so than men for growing older. When women notice the wrinkles, the gray hairs as well as weight gain, it can be depressing. While some women may use this to get a makeover, or try out a new weight loss program, others may be tempted to engage in an affair especially if their husband does not say and show them that they are still attractive. By having an affair, it gives them a confidence boost otherwise lacking from their lives.

If you have suspicions that your wife is having an affair, try to come up with some of the reasons that you think that your wife may be cheating on you and then decide what outcome you want to have out of all this. Do you see a separation or divorce in your future or do you want to come up with a plan to try to save the marriage. Do not confront her about your suspicions until you have solid proof.
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3 Reasons That Wives Cheat

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This article was published on 2010/10/22
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